LMSJ Issue 36

ISBN 978 1 905184 96 3

LMSJ 36 Cover


  • MINING AND RAILWAYS Part 1 THE LEGISLATIONby Alan Woods and Graham Warburton
  • CREWE TO EUSTONby Don Rowland
  • NORTH OF INVERNESSby Brian Hayes
  • LMS SIGNALS No. 29by Reg Instone and L. G.Warburton


Welcome to the first edition of LMS Journal to be published in 2012. I hope readers will agree that we have an interesting mix of articles for LMSJ36, to use the 'editorial identity code' for this edition. Many readers will be aware that in the past mining subsidence could cause problems for the British railway companies and while accidents as a direct result of subsidence were rare, speed restrictions, with the problems this could cause both the travelling public and the traffic and motive power departments were not uncommon, however, it is not a subject that has received much attention from authors. For this reason I am pleased that Graham Warburton & new contributor Alan Wood have produced the first part of a two-part article dealing with the subject. The second new contributor to LMS Journal, whose work is featured in this edition is Brian Hayes, whose article, North of Inverness is something rather different, but based upon his experience as a railwayman. We will be able to read further articles from Brian, based upon his work on the railway, later this year.

Another subject that does not feature very often in railway magazines is the shipping activity of the British railway companies. At the Warley Model Railway Exhibition in November 2010 reader Colin Flint approached me and asked if I would be interested in using pictures from an album he owned and my answer was, of course, and knowing David Hunt's interest in shipping I asked him, if as a change from locomotives, would he like to put the article together; I hope readers will agree that David has done a good job and we now have a detailed story of the LMS Company's shipping activity.

Another article has been written by a longstanding friend Don Rowland, whose description of the changes to be seen between Euston and Crewe will enable readers to see how much has changed since the days of steam while the story of LMS signalling developments continues and in this edition includes an article by Reg Instone & Graham Warburton about Liverpool Lime Street.

The next edition of LMS Journal should appear late June and although it is rather early in the year I can confirm that the LMS Matters stand will be at the forthcoming Warley National Model Railway Exhibition in November 2012.

Bob Essery

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